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A staple of the internet since it’s dawn, remixes an mashups are all about taking existing content and mixing it with something else or even adding your own over the top. Be it smashing together a Rick Astley classic with one of Avicii’s biggest hits or finding every time Donald Trump said China during his campaign trail, the mind boggles at the inventiveness of fellow internet dwellers.

Anyway, this week as part of my course we were challenged to create our own dun, dun, dun… cue panic, and a deep inspirational exploration of the memeiverse. Whilst exploring I came across a few things that sparked my interests, firstly in response to the death of Leonard Cohen a video was going round that had merged multiple cover versions of Hallelujah in tribute to the singer songwriter (I spent half an hour looking for the video for you but it seems to have disappeared) [Update: turns out it was made by Rachelle from my class and I didn’t even notice! You can see it over HERE]. As well as that I noticed since its appearance in the Logan trailer and the Rick and Morty season finale an old discussion on the song ‘Hurt’ was sparking up again.

Many an internet battle has been fought over this simple question, who created the best version? Was it Nine Inch Nails and original writer Trent Reznor, Johnny Cash in 2002, or maybe even one of the more obscure covers that popped up in recent years. In aid of this question, and inspired by the Leonard Cohen video that I’ve already mentioned, for my artefact I decided to line up a few of the most well known covers side by side for comparison. Now only one question remains, which do you think is the best?

That’s all folks,

Ian =]

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