Alice In The Digital Daydream

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This was a group project working with Texture MCR a unique concept space working with light and sound projection within Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The aim of the project was to create an audio visual performance/instillation based around Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The piece somewhat emulates the style of other AV artists like The Light Surgeons or Meat Cassette but also developed it’s own unique concepts and ideas utilising Texture’s state of the art projection, audio and lighting systems and unique layouts. The instillation focused around the film but also included props, live actors and lighting that transformed the whole venue. One of the most interesting props was a robotic magic mirror that talked to audience members.

Our retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic took a unique modern twist. Alice in the Digital Daydream; follows Alice as she explores modern online culture. Wonderland became a social media platform and the majority of characters only appeared through onscreen messages, popups and voice performances. My main roles on the project were on camera, sound design and graphic design.